How to Introduce a New Cat to Your Home: The Ultimate Guide

In celebration of Adopt a Shelter Cat Month (which, in our opinion, should be every month), we’d like to help make it easier for you to welcome a new feline family member into your house. Because of their sensitivity, cats may experience anxiety when venturing into an area that has previously been claimed by another species.

Here are some suggestions from our staff to help make your new cat (or cats) feel at home in your house.

#1: Make sure your new cat has a secure environment.

It may take your new cat a few days to warm up to you, and even longer to get along with the other pets in the house. Provide your cat with its own collection of resources to help it adjust to its new home. Don’t let your cat choose between food, water, a litter box, a scratching post, and a bed; keep them all in one spacious space. To assist your new cat adjust to your presence, spend lots of time playing with, petting, and interacting with it. However, also allow it plenty of opportunity to explore on its own.

#2: Eat the same thing every day.

Avoid more stress on your cat’s already unsteady digestive system by continuing to feed it the same food it was consuming before the move. Give them a few days to adjust to their existing diet, then gradually introduce the new food over the course of a week.

#3: Be patient with your new feline friend.

A cat may require a week or two to adjust to their new home, so it’s best you hold off on introducing them to guests until after they’ve had time to settle in. If you’re concerned about your new cat’s health and well-being, it’s important to have an initial consultation with your usual vet. It’s best to let your cat have a week to unwind after the overwhelming experience of the car rides home before introducing them to anyone else.

Many happy wishes to your new feline family member! If you have a new pet and would like to schedule a wellness appointment, please give us a call.